Black Ops 2 Single Player Reviews

In the single player mode, you will be the son of Alex Mason, David Mason. Treyarch was good at integrating the storyline from the original game into the Call of Duty Black Ops 2. You will become immersed into the storyline of the game because of the fascinating characters in the game. You will surely want to keep on playing the game and complete mission after mission to find out more on the story and its ending.

The single player campaign is quite the same with other games in the Call of Duty series including levels and unlocks. As you complete each mission, you will be able to learn more on how the story is evolving. There is something in the story that will arouse the curiosity of every player. The setting of the game is in the future but it follows up on the events that had occurred in the first game. You will be able to fight your enemies by using a wide range of weapons and game modes. All these new features have helped to enhance the gameplay experience because weapons in the future are usually more powerful. In single mode you can also use black ops 2 hack tool which allow you to play game with full ammo all time

The game will challenge you mentally because you have to come up with a strategy that will increase the game outcome. You will earn points when you complete a mission. You can compare the points you have earn with your friends to see who is the better player for the game. Treyarch has provided a stats screen that lists the number of important elements you miss in the game such as intel. The stats is for people who are crazy about scoring in the achievement/trophy in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reviews

The multiplayer mode of the game can be loved or hated by the players. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction when you play the game, because Treyarch has made some great improvements on the game. The loading speed is faster compared to the original version. Every aspect of the game has just become better.

There are two standard game modes including core and hard core. League play is a new feature that gives you the ability to hunt down enemies who have the same skill with you as a league team. Many standard modes are available including demolition, capture the flag, free-for-all . It also offers several wager match game modes such as All the Guns, One in the chamber, sticks and stones. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is suitable for players with all types of personalities. It offers a large scale battlefield. The free-for-all game is suitable for players who enjoy fast paced games.

For the online multiplayer mode, the servers can sometimes become down because of the large number of people that are playing the game at the same time. Sometimes, you have to wait for a few minutes for the empty lobby to be filled. Many people will be transferring the ownership of their Call of Duty Black Ops 2 game online so that the server will slow down. This is normal due to the large number of players that are logging in online to play the game during the daytime and night.

One thing that they did not provide in the game is a larger map. The map seems to be very small. There are coners for the campers to camp in every map. The trap corridors are so narrow that you won’t be able to survive if you cross it. Because most of the areas are very narrow, you must make sure you are equipped with powerful weapons. They should address to this issue in the future version of the game. They should provide better maps that are not crowded.